Why You Need the Dutch Lap Siding For Your Home Remodeling

Dutch Lap siding is one of the most famous cladding for homes around the world. Many homeowners are installing the system in their homes and the trend is on a tremendous rise. Are these the last days for this world-class cladding? I bet no. This is because the system is inexpensive and easy to install. It has also been proven to improve the aesthetic and beauty of your home. Perhaps you have heard about German lap siding. It is another name for Dutch lap sliding. Let’s see whether the siding system lives up to what it promises;

Benefits of installing Dutch lap siding in your home

It is easy of installation and maintenance cannot be compared other cladding systems. Taking this advantage will ensure that you do not run out of budget. The vinyl siding does not require paint to have it look beautiful. Since painting and staining is avoided, harmful solvents are not released to the air minimizing pollution. It is important to note that manufacturers will void the warrant if they realize that you have applied pint on your siding.

The beauty that the siding offers can be compared to none. Have you ever thought of giving your home a beautiful look with the least efforts? Then the siding will guarantee this. The building material gives your home an aesthetic look that cannot be provided by the ordinary wall cladding systems.

There is no wastage of materials. This is because the siding requires minimal maintenance which means that you will only buy a few materials. The materials used during building are measured according to the size of your wall and you will not feel the pinch of having wasted materials here and there.

It is available in different seducing colors. Each homeowner has its own taste and preference. It doesn’t matter which color you want. The lap siding is available in varied colors. You can choose what you see will match with your lifestyle. Be it bright colors or dull colors. All of them are available. In fact, you can be spoilt of choice.

The building material is durable and you will not replace it too many times in your life time. You will spend once and for all. Areas that have large climate fluctuations are the best for this type of building material.

Dutch Lap Siding

Example of dutch lap siding

Materials used to make Dutch lap siding

The building facility is made from materials which are cheap, resilient and durable. Is this the reason why many homeowners are craving to have these systems in their homes? Definitely, yes. Vinyl and hardboard are among the options available. Aluminum can also be used though it has been proven to have pitfalls here and there. The manufactures are running away from the use of pine wood and cedar products. They are unique materials!

What about the price?

Are you on a budget constraint? Price should never cough you out from installing it in your home. Since the building material is made from cheap materials, you will find the system within your limited budget. The prices range between $3 -$10 per square foot. However, the price will vary from one homeowner to the other. The factors that determine price include;

· The amount of labor and materials used-typically each home is unique in its own way. The labor and the amount of materials used to complete the task will determine the amount you will spend. More materials mean more money. The size of the building will also determine the materials used.

· Your location-different locations need different delivery means. The amount spent on delivery will be dependent on your location.

· Thickness of the siding-a thicker siding will cost more than a narrower one. This is because thicker ones tend to be more durable. The quality of the siding is directly proportional to the thickness of the material used.

Cleaning the Dutch lap siding

The unique look of this cladding may create an illusion of difficult cleaning. The truth is that cleaning the lap vinyl siding is easy than any other external cladding. You only need to do simple and scheduled cleaning that using mild soap and garden hose only.

To clean the siding, you will need to use either a soft cloth or brushes with soft bristles. For best results, a solution of water and vinegar is recommended for large sections. They are mixed in the ratio of 7:3 and with this, quality is guaranteed.

Frequently asked question

1. Q. can I get a mix of colors?

A. Yes. The materials come in different colors and they are painted with the vinyl color. You can choose different colors and textures, mix and match them to have your home a perfect unique look.

2. Q. can I do the installation myself?

A. For best results, it is prudent to hire an expert to do the installation process for you. You can only do the cleaning yourself because it is easy.

3. Q. Are there counterfeit goods sold?

A. Yes. You should be careful when placing orders for this building material to avoid getting fake products. You should make orders from trusted online stores. You should also check the labels on the product to validate whether they are genuine. Your architect can help here if you don’t have a clue.

Dutch lap siding Vs Clapboard siding

The main difference between the Dutch lap siding and the Clapboard siding is that the clapboard siding is flat and it does not show any shadow lines. Both building materials are great. Some homes look great with the Dutch lap style whereas others look unique with the clapboard style.

This is picture of clapboard siding . Is it really better than dutch lap?

Call to action

If you are a homeowner wanting to change the facade of your home inexpensively, this is the best option for you. Be sure that this building material will offer a versatile and most effective way of protecting your walls. Different manufacturers offered different siding types and it is recommended to choose the one who will satisfy your needs. You will never regret investing in this product. Buy it today and see your home beauty dreams turning into realities. Make a wise decision and give your home a lasting impression with the Dutch lap siding!

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