Four Major Benefits of using Brick Siding

Are you considering putting siding on your house? If so, then brick siding is the best option for you because of the following benefits.

Superior protection

Brick provides extra protection compared to many other siding materials. Brick siding offer extra protection to fire because its primary ingredient is clay which is not combustible. This makes bricks a great cladding choice to confine and resist fires. Therefore, by using the bricks for the siding, your house you can be assured of maximum protection from fire in your home. In addition, you get high level protection from wind. This is the case because brinks are strong and therefore may not be affected by such environmental effects.  Read more »


It is the water-proof covering of walls and other exterior portions of building structures by overlapping boards usually 8 to 12 feet long on each other. It is also called Bevel Siding, Weatherboard, or Clapboard. Read more »


It can be used as an imitation of wood clapboard. Primarily such a siding is made from polyvinyl chloride resin.

The history if vinyl siding manufacturing.

The siding was introduced as a replacement for aluminum sidings. At first it was produced by an independent manufacturing plant by the name crane plastics found in Columbus. Originally the process was done through mono-extrusion. At the time, the bending of colors was done manually. This process made it hard to produce a consistent product of good quality. The industry had to change its way of operation for a higher production speed. Nowadays the siding is usually manufactured by co extrusion. It is a much faster process and more effective. The new sidings have a titanium dioxide pigment on the top layer, which provides resistance to UV light which breaks it down. The bottom layer is known as substrate. It is made of limestone which balances titanium dioxide and also helps reduce production cost. Lubricants are also added to help in the manufacturing process. Read more »